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ability skill or talent. [1/2 definitions]
able having the skill or power needed to do a thing. [2 definitions]
achievement something achieved through hard work, courage, or skill. [1/2 definitions]
acrobat a person who can do physical acts that take balance and skill.
acrobatic having to do with acrobats or feats of balance and skill.
adept having great skill or ability.
ambidextrous able to use both the left and right hands with equal skill.
apprentice someone who works for somebody else to learn that person's skill or trade. [1/2 definitions]
art a fine skill that has resulted from natural ability, practice, or study. [1/4 definitions]
artist a person who does something with a great deal of skill or talent. [1/2 definitions]
artistic showing skill and imagination in creating. [1/2 definitions]
awkward without physical skill or grace; clumsy. [1/3 definitions]
capable having the skill or power to do what is needed. [1/2 definitions]
challenge an invitation to enter into a fight or other contest of skill. [2/6 definitions]
competent having the skill to do something; capable.
-craft a suffix that means "skill or practice in the use of."
craft skill or talent in making things by hand or in the arts. [3/4 definitions]
crude not having skill, intelligence, or knowledge of how to act appropriately. [1/3 definitions]
cunning skill used in a sly or tricky way. [1/2 definitions]
dexterity grace and easy quickness in using the hands or body; skill.
educational giving knowledge or skill. [1/2 definitions]