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amateur one who is not skilled in a given area or activity. [1/3 definitions]
analyst someone trained or skilled in a particular type of analysis.
artisan a person skilled in making things, especially by using the hands. People such as those who make furniture, quilts, or other crafts are artisans.
capability the quality of being skilled or able; ability.
craftsman a person who works at a craft or skilled trade; artisan.
cunning skilled at tricking others. [1/2 definitions]
diplomat a person who is skilled in dealing with people. [1/2 definitions]
fancy special; excellent; very skilled. [1/7 definitions]
gymnast a person who is skilled in gymnastics.
hygienist a person skilled in the areas of hygiene, such as a dentist's assistant.
-ist a suffix used for someone who is skilled in or works at. [1/3 definitions]
master a person who is very skilled or expert. [3/6 definitions]
mechanic a worker who is skilled in making, using, and repairing tools, machines, and motors.
musician a person skilled at playing, singing, or writing music.
practice the doing of some activity many times to become skilled at it. [2/7 definitions]
pro2 (informal) a short form of professional, or someone as skilled as a professional.