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blouse a piece of clothing worn on the upper body, usually by women and girls. A blouse is similar to a shirt, but it may have more detailed sewing or more decoration, or it may be made of a fancier fabric such as satin or silk. A blouse is worn with either a skirt or pants.
dress a piece of clothing usually worn by girls or women. A dress has a top or blouse connected to a skirt. [1/7 definitions]
kilt a plaid wool skirt that has pleats. Kilts are worn by men in Scotland.
petticoat a skirt worn under an outer skirt; slip.
slip1 an item of clothing worn under a dress or skirt. [1/13 definitions]
suit a set of clothes with a jacket and trousers or a skirt made of the same material and color. [1/5 definitions]
tights a piece of clothing made of tight, stretchy material that covers the legs and hips. Tights are worn for exercise, dancing, or as everyday clothing under a skirt.