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accommodate to provide with meals or a place to sleep. [1/3 definitions]
arise to get up from sitting or sleep. [1/3 definitions]
arouse to awaken (someone) from sleep. [1/2 definitions]
asleep into a condition of sleep. [1/3 definitions]
awake to wake from sleep. [2/5 definitions]
awaken to wake from sleep. [1/2 definitions]
bunk1 (informal) to sleep. [1/2 definitions]
camp1 an outdoor area where tents or rough shelters are set up to live in or sleep in for a time. [1/5 definitions]
dormant asleep, or in a state of rest that is similar to sleep. [1/2 definitions]
doze to sleep lightly or for a short time. [2 definitions]
doze off to fall into a light sleep.
dream to have a dream or vision during sleep. [1/6 definitions]
fall asleep to begin the process of sleep.
hibernate to sleep through the winter in a den or burrow to save energy. Bears, snakes, and certain other animals hibernate.
hotel a place with many rooms and beds where people pay money to sleep, eat meals, or buy other services.
hypnosis a condition like sleep that is caused by the direction of another person. People under hypnosis may do or say things as directed or suggested by the person who has put them in this condition.
insomnia difficulty in getting to sleep.
lull to calm or cause to sleep. [1/2 definitions]
lullaby a song sung to put a child to sleep.
nap1 to sleep for a short time during daylight hours. [2 definitions]
narcotic a drug that causes a person to become sleepy or unconscious and that may be used as a medicine to dull pain or cause sleep. Narcotics can be dangerous when not used as a medicine and can become hard to give up.