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fishing pole any long slender pole that is used in catching fish. A long line, often made of nylon, is loosely attached to the pole. This line has a hook attached to it on one end.
hummingbird a tiny, brightly colored bird with a long, slender bill and narrow wings that beat very rapidly.
needle a long, slender rod used for knitting or crocheting, and made of steel, wood, plastic, or some other material. [1/6 definitions]
newt a small animal with a long, slender body and tail, and four legs. Newts have smooth, moist skin. They are a kind of small salamander and are amphibians. They spend part of their lives in water and part on land.
praying mantis a long, slender insect that eats other insects and can turn its head from side to side. A praying mantis has a large, bright green body and holds its strong front legs up in a way that looks like hands folded in prayer.
racer a kind of slender North American snake. [1/3 definitions]
slight thin; slender. [1/5 definitions]
slim attractively thin in form; slender. [1/3 definitions]
tip1 the end, especially of something pointed, slender, or tapered. [1/2 definitions]
wasp an insect that has four wings and a slender body with a very narrow waist. Some wasps can give a painful sting.