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abacus a device used for counting or calculating. An abacus has beads or other counters that slide along rods or in grooves.
chute1 a passage down which things may slide in order to be moved from one area to another.
coast to slide down a hill. [1/4 definitions]
rub to move or slide against something. [1/5 definitions]
skid to slide suddenly sideways, as a vehicle that has lost traction. [1/2 definitions]
slide a smooth, sloping track down which a person or thing can slide; chute. [1/11 definitions]
slip1 to slide suddenly, as on a slippery surface. [1/13 definitions]
trombone a brass wind instrument. The trombone is a long tube bent in two loops that ends in a bell shape. It is played with valves or a slide that moves to change tones.
zipper a fastener made up of two rows of teeth that lock together and a slide pull that either joins them or pulls them apart. Zippers are used on clothing, handbags, and other articles.