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adder2 a small, poisonous snake found in Europe and Asia.
anaconda a very large snake found in South America. Anacondas are not poisonous but kill other animals by squeezing them until they cannot breathe. Anacondas can grow to over twenty feet long.
boa constrictor a large snake that lives in the tropical areas of Central and South America. Boa constrictors are pale brown with darker marks and are not poisonous. They kill their prey by winding around it and squeezing it until it cannot breathe.
cobra a poisonous snake found in Asia and Africa. When excited, cobras are known to rear up and spread the skin of their necks into a shape like a hood.
constrictor a snake that kills its prey by winding around it and squeezing it until it can not breathe. Pythons, boa constrictors, and anacondas are constrictors.
copperhead a poisonous snake that has a copper-colored body with darker bands. Copperheads are found in the southeastern United States.
coral snake a small, poisonous snake that has red, yellow, and black bands around its body. It is found in the southwestern part of the United States and in Central and South America.
cottonmouth a poisonous North American snake that lives in swamps; water moccasin.
eel a long fish that looks like a snake. Eels live in fresh water or salt water.
garter snake a small snake with stripes that does not harm people. It is common in North America.
hood something that resembles such a covering, such as the parts of some flowers or the skin around the neck of a cobra snake. [1/3 definitions]
python a snake that is not poisonous and lives in Africa, Asia, and Australia. Pythons kill by winding around their prey and squeezing it until it can not breathe.
racer a kind of slender North American snake. [1/3 definitions]
rattlesnake a venomous snake found in North, Central, and South America. A rattlesnake has a structure at the end of its tail that makes a rattling sound when the snake shakes it.
serpent a snake.
snake to move or curve in the manner of a snake. [1/3 definitions]
snakebite the bite of a snake, especially the bite of a dangerous snake.
venomous producing a fluid, called venom, that is a poison to humans and animals. A venomous animal, such as a venomous snake or scorpion, produces venom that the animal can put into another animal or human with its bite or sting.
viper a poisonous snake with long, hollow fangs.
water moccasin a venomous snake found in swamps or wet areas of the southern United States. The water moccasin is brown or olive in color and shows the white inside of its mouth when threatened.