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avalanche the sudden rush of a large amount of snow, ice, or rocks down a mountain. [1/2 definitions]
blanket a layer of something, such as snow, clouds, or flowers, that covers a thing or area. [1/3 definitions]
drift a mass or bank made up of drifting matter such as snow. [1/5 definitions]
fair1 free from rain, snow, and storms; clear. [1/7 definitions]
flurry a light fall of snow that ends quickly. [1/2 definitions]
glacier a large mass of ice formed in cold regions from compacted snow and very slowly moving down a slope or across land.
igloo a hut, shaped like a dome and made of blocks of ice or hard snow. Igloos are a traditional type of home made by certain groups of people who live in the Arctic regions of the world.
musk ox a large mammal with long, dark fur and wide horns. Musk oxen live in the northern regions of North America and Greenland. They have wide hooves for walking on snow. Musk oxen are closely related to cattle.
overshoe a rubber or plastic boot worn over other shoes in order to protect them from water or snow.
plow any similar heavy tools or machines, such as a machine to clear away snow. [1/5 definitions]
precipitate to change from water vapor and fall to the ground as rain, snow, or sleet. [1/2 definitions]
precipitation the act of water falling in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail. [2 definitions]
shovel a large scoop with a long handle used for digging or lifting heavy material such as earth, snow, or coal. [1/5 definitions]
ski one of a pair of long, narrow, smooth runners. Skis have curved front tips and are attached to boots and used to glide over snow. [2/3 definitions]
skiing the activity or sport of traveling over snow on skis.
sled a low platform of wood or other material that slides on blades and is used to travel over snow and ice. [1/2 definitions]
sleigh a light cart on runners that is used to carry people over snow and ice. Horses pull sleighs.
slush snow that is partly melted.
snow soft, white flakes of ice that fall from the sky to the earth. Snow is formed when water in the upper air freezes into crystals. [3/5 definitions]
snowball a mass of snow that has been packed together into a ball. Snowballs are used for play or games. [1/2 definitions]
snowboard a board similar to a large skateboard, with straps to secure the feet so that one can ride it down a hill over snow. [1/2 definitions]