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absorb to take in or soak up. [1/2 definitions]
absorbent able to soak up liquid or moisture. [1/2 definitions]
blot to soak up or dry with something that absorbs liquid. [1/4 definitions]
blotter a piece of paper used to soak up ink or to protect a writing surface.
drench to soak, or wet completely.
headband a band worn around the head. Headbands are used to hold back the hair or to soak up wetness.
hose (usually followed by down) to water, spray, soak, or wash with a hose. [1/3 definitions]
saturate to fill or soak completely.
sponge an artificial material with many small holes that can soak up water easily. [2/5 definitions]
steep2 to soak in a liquid.
sweatshirt a knitted pullover shirt with long sleeves. Sweatshirts are often worn during exercise to soak up sweat.