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gunner a soldier or sailor who fires or helps to fire a large gun or cannon.
knight a soldier on horseback in the Middle Ages. A knight had to serve as an apprentice and follow many rules. [1/4 definitions]
minuteman an American soldier of the Revolutionary War, who was ready to fight on a minute's notice.
musketeer a soldier who carried and used a musket.
orderly a soldier who does certain tasks for one or more officers. [1/4 definitions]
paratrooper a soldier trained to parachute from an airplane into an area where there is fighting.
private a soldier of the lowest rank. [1/6 definitions]
ranger a soldier trained for surprise attacks. [1/2 definitions]
ration (plural) a fixed portion of food for each soldier in an army. [1/5 definitions]
recruit a soldier who has just joined or been drafted into the armed forces. [1/3 definitions]
redcoat a British soldier in colonial America during the American Revolution and other wars.
trooper a soldier who rides a horse. [1/2 definitions]
warrior a person who fights or has experience in battle; soldier.
Yankee a Union soldier during the Civil War. [1/3 definitions]