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clog a shoe with a thick wooden sole. [1/3 definitions]
flatfish a kind of fish that lives in salt water and has a flat body with both eyes on the top side. Sole, halibut, and flounder are flatfish.
monopolize to get or keep sole control of; have for oneself alone; take over.
sandal an open shoe made from a sole fastened to the foot with straps.
sneaker a shoe that has a rubber sole. Sneakers are made of cloth or other flexible material and are worn to play sports.
sole2 to provide with a sole. [1/2 definitions]
tread that which touches the ground in walking, such as the sole of the foot or shoe, or in rolling, such as the outer surface of a tire or the belt around the wheels of a tank. [1/7 definitions]
unique being the only one of its type; sole; single. [1/2 definitions]
upper the part of a shoe above the sole. [1/2 definitions]