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archive a collection of records or information that is stored somewhere. An archive often stores things that go back a long time.
around somewhere near; about. [1/12 definitions]
black-and-white involving only things that are complete opposites. If something is black-and-white, it is clearly one thing or the opposite thing. It is not mixed or somewhere in the middle. [1/2 definitions]
deposit money that has been put in a bank, or anything that has been put somewhere and allowed to remain. [1/7 definitions]
elsewhere in or to another place; somewhere else.
invite to ask in a polite way to come somewhere or do something. [1/3 definitions]
mislay to put somewhere and forget where; lose.
stand to be located somewhere. [1/16 definitions]
transplant to remove a body organ by surgery and attach it somewhere else on the same body or on another body. [1/3 definitions]
vicinity an area near or around a place; somewhere nearby.
visit the act of staying somewhere as a guest. [1/4 definitions]
wishbone a forked bone found in front of the breastbone of most birds. Wishbones from cooked birds are used to make wishes. The two ends of the bone are pulled by two different people until the bone breaks somewhere near the middle. The person with the larger end left from the break is said to have won their wish.