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anthem a song of praise or patriotism. [2 definitions]
ballad a poem or song that tells a story.
carol a song of joy, especially a Christmas song. [2/3 definitions]
chant a song that is sung on the same note or the same few notes throughout. [1/4 definitions]
chorus a part of a song that is repeated after every verse. [1/3 definitions]
delivery the way in which speech is said or a song is sung. [1/2 definitions]
hum to make the sound of a song without opening the lips. [1/4 definitions]
hymn a song or poem written in praise of God or a country.
jingle a light, lively song or poem that is easy to remember. Jingles are often used to help sell products on radio and television. [1/4 definitions]
jukebox a machine that holds many different records or CDs and plays music when money is put in. By pushing a button, the song that is chosen will play.
lark1 a songbird with a long hind claw and a musical song. There are many kinds of larks.
laverock a primarily Scottish word for "lark," a kind of songbird with a long hind claw and a musical song.
lullaby a song sung to put a child to sleep.
lyric (often plural) the words to a song. [1/3 definitions]
meadowlark one of two kinds of North American songbirds that nest in open fields and have a sweet, musical song. A meadowlark has a yellow breast marked with black.
nightingale a small bird that lives in Europe and is known for its beautiful song. A nightingale is a kind of thrush.
praise to honor with words or song. [1/3 definitions]
psalm a sacred or holy song or poem; hymn.
refrain2 a phrase or melody that is repeated regularly during a song or poem.
songbird a bird that has a musical song or call.
spiritual a religious song of a kind that began among Black people in the southern United States. [1/5 definitions]