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acid a chemical substance that dissolves in water, has a sour taste, and turns blue litmus paper red. [2/4 definitions]
bitter having a sharp, bad taste that is neither sour nor salty. [1/3 definitions]
buttermilk a sour liquid left after making butter from milk. Buttermilk is used as a drink or in cooking.
cherry a kind of tree or shrub of the rose family grown for its showy flowers, its sweet or sour fruit, and for lumber. [1/4 definitions]
crab apple a small, hard, sour apple used for making jelly. [1/2 definitions]
cranberry a shrub that bears a sour, red berry, or the berry itself. Cranberries grow in wet ground in North America.
currant the sour berry of a bush related to the gooseberry. Currants are used in making buns, pies, and jelly. [1/2 definitions]
grapefruit a large, juicy fruit with yellow skin and yellow or pink pulp which is often sour. The grapefruit is a citrus fruit like the orange or lemon.
lemon a small citrus fruit with yellow skin and sour juice. [1/3 definitions]
sour to become or cause to become sour in taste or smell. [1/7 definitions]
sweet having a taste like that of sugar or honey; not bitter, salty, or sour. [1/7 definitions]
tart1 sour or acid in taste; sharp; biting.
taste bud one of the bumps on the surface of the tongue that form the sense organ of taste. The taste buds sense whether something is sweet, sour, salty, or bitter.
turn to make sour or ferment. [1/22 definitions]
vinegar a sour liquid formed when wine, cider, or malt ferments. It is used to flavor or preserve food.
yogurt a soft food that is made from sour milk and often flavored or sweetened with fruit.