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blastoff the launching of a spacecraft or missile.
capsule the area in a spacecraft that holds the crew and instruments. [1/2 definitions]
dock1 to link with another spacecraft while out in space. [1/5 definitions]
flying saucer a bright, flying object shaped like a disk that some people believe is a spacecraft from another world; UFO.
module a section of a spacecraft that is used to carry out a particular task. [1/2 definitions]
orbit the curved path in which a planet, satellite, or spacecraft moves in a circle around another body. [1/3 definitions]
reentry the return of a spacecraft or rocket into the earth's atmosphere. [1/2 definitions]
retrorocket a small rocket attached to a spacecraft and used to help the spacecraft slow down or change direction. Retrorockets fire in the direction opposite to the direction the main rocket is going in.
rocket1 a flying device, shaped like a tube, that is driven by hot gases released from engines in its rear. Rockets are used to launch fireworks, signals, weapons, and spacecraft. [1/3 definitions]
satellite a spacecraft that is sent into orbit around a planet or other heavenly body to gather or send back information. [1/3 definitions]
shuttle a bus, airplane, train, or spacecraft that travels the same route back and forth. [1/3 definitions]
space shuttle a spacecraft designed to carry astronauts and their equipment back and forth between the earth and space.
space station a large spacecraft in orbit for a long period of time. Space stations are used for scientific study and for launching other spacecraft.
spacewalk the action of an astronaut moving about outside a spacecraft in outer space.
touchdown the point or moment at which an aircraft or spacecraft lands. [1/2 definitions]