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able having special skill or talent. [1/2 definitions]
academy a private school or a school that offers special training.
agency a government department that works on special projects, provides specific services to the government, or makes sure laws and rules are obeyed. [1/3 definitions]
award a prize given for a special achievement; honor. [1/3 definitions]
badge a pin, patch, or ribbon people wear to show that they belong to a group, have a particular job, or have done something special.
barbecue the food cooked in this way, often having a special sauce. [2/4 definitions]
belt a region or area that is known for something or used for a special purpose. [1/3 definitions]
billiards a game played with long sticks and hard balls on a special table covered with cloth. Players use a stick to hit the balls against each other and into pockets along the edges of the table.
blessing a special favor or gift. [1/3 definitions]
blog a journal posted on a website that someone regularly write entries in. When people have a blog, they write about personal experiences or opinions, or about particular topics they have special knowledge of or are interested in. The word "blog" is a short form of "Web log."
bouquet a bunch of flowers, often arranged in a special way to be attractive.
cartridge a special container made to hold film so that it is easy to load into a camera. [1/3 definitions]
celebrate to make special or honor with gifts, parties, or activities. [2/3 definitions]
ceremony a formal act or series of acts done in a particular way to honor a special occasion. [1/2 definitions]
characteristic having to do with a typical or special quality of a person, group, action, or thing. [1/3 definitions]
characterize to be a special quality of. [1/2 definitions]
club a group of people who meet for a special, shared purpose. [1/6 definitions]
coach a person who trains or teaches a student in a special area, such as singing, acting, or a school subject. [1/6 definitions]
commonplace ordinary; not special. [1/2 definitions]
constitute to appoint to a special task or office. [1/3 definitions]
corps a branch of the military that does a special kind of work. [1/2 definitions]