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all-American chosen as one of the best players in the United States in a particular sport. [1/2 definitions]
archery the sport or practice of shooting with a bow and arrow.
badminton a sport in which players use rackets to hit a small rubber object back and forth across a high net.
bluefish a fish that lives in mild Atlantic waters of the North and South American coast. Bluefish are blue and are caught for sport or food.
bowl2 to roll the ball in bowling, or pitch the ball in the sport of cricket. [1/2 definitions]
box2 to fight as a sport or as a way of earning a living. [1/3 definitions]
boxer a person who fights with the fists as a sport or as a career. [1/2 definitions]
boxing2 the sport or style of fighting with the fists.
course an area of land or water set aside for sport. [1/7 definitions]
dive to practice a sport or hobby such as acrobatic diving, scuba diving, or skydiving. [2/5 definitions]
diving the activity or sport of jumping into water with your head and arms going first.
fan2 a person who is very interested in a sport or a performing art, or in a person who does that activity.
favorite a person or animal thought to be the most likely winner of a game or sport. [1/3 definitions]
fence to take part in the sport of fencing. [1/3 definitions]
fencing the art, sport, or practice of fighting with swords.
fisherman someone who catches fish either as a sport or as a way to make a living.
foul falling outside of the lines that mark an area for fair play in a sport. [3/11 definitions]
game a form of play or sport having certain rules and equipment for play. [1/5 definitions]
hockey a sport played on ice, with two teams of six skating players; ice hockey. Each team tries to drive a puck into the other's goal using sticks; ice hockey. [2 definitions]
hunt to set out to find and kill (game animals) for food or as a sport. [1/5 definitions]
hunting the act or sport of chasing wild animals for the purpose of capturing or killing them.