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beaker an open glass container with a flat bottom and a pouring spout. Beakers are used by chemists and other scientists.
belch to throw out violently; spout. [1/3 definitions]
gargoyle a pipe or spout for rain in the shape of such an ornament. [1/2 definitions]
jug a container for holding liquids. A jug usually has a handle and a narrow spout or opening. [1/2 definitions]
kettle a kettle with a spout used to make and then pour tea or other hot drinks. [1/2 definitions]
nozzle a narrow spout fitted to the end of a hose or pipe. A nozzle is used to control the flow or spray of a liquid or gas.
pitcher1 a container with a handle and spout, used to hold and pour milk, juice, or other liquids.
spurt to rush or shoot out in a forced or sudden way; spout. [2/5 definitions]
teapot a covered pot with a spout and handle. A teapot is used to make and serve tea.
urn a metal container with a spout. Urns are used to make and serve coffee and tea. [1/2 definitions]