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aerosol a liquid that is in a container under pressure and comes out in a fine spray. [1/2 definitions]
fountain a spray of water created by a machine, or the structure from which the water flows. [1/2 definitions]
hose (usually followed by down) to water, spray, soak, or wash with a hose. [1/3 definitions]
nozzle a narrow spout fitted to the end of a hose or pipe. A nozzle is used to control the flow or spray of a liquid or gas.
shower1 to wet or spray with a shower of rain or water. [1/8 definitions]
skunk a small mammal with black and white fur and a bushy tail. Skunks defend themselves with a spray that smells very bad. They are active at night, when they hunt rodents, insects, and eggs. Several kinds of skunks live in North and South America. They are related to badgers, otters, and other kinds of weasels. [1/2 definitions]
splash to dash or spray. [2/6 definitions]
spray1 to send out in a spray. [3/6 definitions]
squirt to wet with liquid shot out in a thin jet or spray. [2/5 definitions]