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bounce to spring back or up after hitting something, or to do so several times in a row. [4 definitions]
bound2 to leap; spring. [1/2 definitions]
catapult to spring up or forward as though thrown by a catapult; leap. [1/4 definitions]
crocus a small plant that blooms in early spring with one colorful flower.
daffodil a plant with tall stems and bright yellow or white flowers shaped like bells. Daffodils grow from bulbs and appear in the spring.
Easter a Christian holiday to celebrate that Jesus Christ returned to life after he died. Easter is held every spring on the Sunday after the first full moon between March 21 and April 25.
forsythia a bush that has bright yellow flowers along its long, thin branches. Forsythias bloom in early spring.
geyser a spring that shoots a stream of hot water, steam, or mud into the air from time to time.
hot spring a natural spring that has water warmer than body temperature.
leap to spring into the air, moving straight up or to another position. [1/3 definitions]
March the third month of the year. March has thirty-one days. Spring begins in March for people who live north of the equator.
monarch a large orange, black, and white butterfly. Monarchs migrate over great distances in the fall and spring. [1/2 definitions]
oasis an area in a desert where plants can grow. The plants are fed by water from a spring or well.
prance to raise the front legs and spring forward with the rear legs. [1/2 definitions]
safety pin a pin folded back on itself to form a clasp. There is a spring at one end and a guard at the other end to cover the point. A safety pin is used to hold two pieces of cloth or other material together.
season one of the four parts of the year; spring, summer, fall, and winter. [1/4 definitions]
spa a mineral spring. [2/3 definitions]
sprang a past tense of spring.
spring having to do with or taking place during the season of spring. [2/12 definitions]
springtime the season of spring.
sprung a past tense and past participle of spring.