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at ease a standing position in the military. When at ease, soldiers may relax but must stay in place and cannot talk.
chariot a vehicle with two wheels used in ancient times. A chariot was pulled by horses and driven from a standing position. It was used in wars, races, and other public events.
eminent standing above others in fame or achievement; outstanding.
file1 a line of things or people standing in order. [1/6 definitions]
gondola a long, narrow boat with a flat bottom and high curved ends, propelled by a person standing at the stern using a long pole. Gondolas are used for carrying passengers on the canals of Venice, Italy. [1/2 definitions]
handspring a complete somersault in which a person flips onto the hands and then springs off the hands back to a standing position.
jump to rise quickly to a standing position (often followed by "up"). [1/11 definitions]
knock down to make a person or object that had been standing fall to the ground.
leg one of the body parts of an animal or human that is used for standing and walking. [1/4 definitions]
meek doing what others want; not standing up for oneself; tame. [1/2 definitions]
on tiptoe standing or walking on the toes, especially to proceed quietly or cautiously. [1/2 definitions]
outstanding standing out from others because of high quality; excellent. [1/2 definitions]
ruin a complete breakdown of health or social standing. [1/7 definitions]
scooter a child's toy that has a steering handle attached to a low board with one wheel at each end. A scooter is ridden by standing with one foot on the board while using the other foot to push against the ground.
separate standing alone; independent. [1/9 definitions]
shock2 a bundle of stalks of corn or other grain standing upright against one another in a field.
star standing out from all the rest due to superiority. [1/8 definitions]
stool a low piece of furniture for standing on to reach a high place, or for resting the feet on while sitting in a chair. [1/3 definitions]
stoop1 a way of standing in which the head and shoulders fall forward and downward. [1/4 definitions]
stump a base of a tree that is left standing after the tree has been cut down. [1/3 definitions]
upright in a vertical or standing position. [2/6 definitions]