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activate to cause action in or make active; start.
aggressive mean and unfriendly in one's actions; ready to argue or start fights. [1/2 definitions]
an another word for a. It is used before words that start with a, e, i, o, or u, or before words that begin with vowel sounds.
attack to start working on with energy and determination; tackle. [1/5 definitions]
begin to do the first step in a process; start. [2/3 definitions]
boot to start up by loading the operating system of or giving the first instructions to a computer. [1/4 definitions]
catch fire to start to burn.
come to blows to start to fight.
commence to begin or start.
continue to start again after stopping or taking a break. [1/4 definitions]
countdown the act of counting down to zero from a higher number to prepare for the start of an event.
crank to turn by using of a crank, or start by using a crank or other device. [1/4 definitions]
dawn to start to become light in the morning. [3/5 definitions]
enter to begin; start (usually followed by "upon"). [1/7 definitions]
establish to successfully start or make something that did not exist before. [1/2 definitions]
fuse2 an electrical device with a connection that melts if there is too much heat. Fuses protect buildings by breaking a circuit before a fire can start. [1/4 definitions]
germinate to start or cause to start growth; sprout.
get to begin the doing of something; start. [1/10 definitions]
head start an early start in a race, or an advantage in any other activity.
ignition a device for getting something to burn by means of a spark or friction. In a car or other vehicle, the ignition is the device or system that ignites the fuel to start the engine. [1/2 definitions]
il-2 a prefix that means "not" or "without." It is used before words that start with the letter L.