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depot a bus or train station. [1/2 definitions]
firehouse a building in which equipment for fighting fires is kept and where firefighters meet; fire station.
gas station a place where gas, oil, and other supplies for running a car can be bought; filling station; service station.
outpost a military post at some distance from a main station.
parkway a British word for a train station in the suburbs where many people park their cars and commute to work by train. [1/2 definitions]
porter1 a person whose job is to carry baggage at a train station, airport, or hotel. [1/2 definitions]
rank1 relative position or station. [1/6 definitions]
reporter a person whose job is to gather and report news for a newspaper or magazine, or for a television station or radio station.
terminal a station for trains, buses, airplanes, or ships, that is found at one end of an important route. [1/5 definitions]
tune in to adjust to receive TV or radio signals from a certain station, or to select from a number of programs.
waiting room a room provided in a doctor's office, train station, or the like, in which persons may wait.