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anchor to make secure or hold steady. [1/4 definitions]
balance the state of being steady in body or mind. [2/6 definitions]
brace to support, hold steady, or provide strength with or as if with a brace. [2/7 definitions]
chug a short, steady sound. [1/2 definitions]
dabble to work at something in a way that is not serious or steady. [1/2 definitions]
dial tone the steady hum or buzzing sound in a telephone receiver showing that the line is open and a number may be dialed or entered.
din a loud, steady noise. [1/2 definitions]
disco a style of popular dance music with a heavy, steady beat. [1/2 definitions]
drizzle a light, steady rain. [1/2 definitions]
drone2 to make a low, steady hum. [2/3 definitions]
even steady; calm. [1/12 definitions]
falter to move, speak, or act in a way that is not sure or not steady; stumble. [1/2 definitions]
firm1 not easily changed by outside forces or pressures; steady. [1/2 definitions]
fix to make stable or steady; fasten firmly; attach. [2/7 definitions]
flow to move in a smooth, steady stream. [2/4 definitions]
gaze a steady look without blinking. [1/2 definitions]
glow a steady light, especially the light given off by something very hot. [1/6 definitions]
hobble a walk that is not smooth and steady; limp. [1/5 definitions]
jog1 to run at a slow, steady pace for exercise. [2/4 definitions]
keep one's balance to stay steady and upright.
level calm, even, and steady. [1/10 definitions]