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exhaust the part of an engine through which gas or steam pass out. [1/4 definitions]
flue a hollow pipe inside a chimney that lets hot or cold air, smoke, or steam escape to the outside.
geyser a spring that shoots a stream of hot water, steam, or mud into the air from time to time.
puff a short, strong burst of breath, air, smoke, or steam. [1/8 definitions]
radiator a device that uses steam or hot water passing through pipes in order to heat a room. [1/2 definitions]
spurt a rush or squirt of liquid or steam; spout; jet. [1/5 definitions]
steam to give off or produce steam. [3/7 definitions]
steamboat a boat that runs on steam power.
steam engine an engine which uses steam to supply energy to its mechanical parts.
steamship a large ship powered by steam; steamer.
whistle to make such sounds by forcing steam through a narrow opening. [3/9 definitions]