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alight1 to step down or get off. [1/2 definitions]
begin to do the first step in a process; start. [2/3 definitions]
bounce to walk with a spring in one's step. [1/4 definitions]
chromatic having to do with a musical scale, where the difference between each note is one half step. [1/2 definitions]
degree a stage or step in a course of action. [1/4 definitions]
doorstep a step or series of steps leading up to an outside door.
flat1 a musical tone that is a half step lower than another. [1/11 definitions]
flow chart a chart or diagram that shows step-by-step how something grows, develops, or is made.
footprint a mark pressed by a foot onto a surface, such as a step in wet sand or a print left by a muddy shoe.
footstep a single step with the foot, or the sound it makes. [2 definitions]
get to first base to complete the first step towards reaching a goal; begin to succeed.
minor scale any musical scale in which there is a half-step between the second and third tones and seventh and eighth tones.
pace1 the length of one step; stride. [2/8 definitions]
rung2 a bar that forms the step of a ladder, or the piece between the legs of a chair.
sharp a musical tone that is a half step higher than another. [1/10 definitions]
sidestep to step aside or to one side. [1/2 definitions]
skip a skipping step, or bounce. [1/8 definitions]
stage a separate period or step in a process of growth or development. [1/4 definitions]
stoop2 a large step or small porch at the entrance to a home, often reached by a short flight of steps.
stride a long walking step, or the manner of taking long steps in walking. [2/3 definitions]
strut1 a strutting step or manner of walking. [1/2 definitions]