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agitate to try to stir up public support (often followed by "for" or "against"). [1/3 definitions]
arouse to stir up; excite [1/2 definitions]
beat to stir rapidly. [1/9 definitions]
challenge to stir up or make more active; stimulate. [1/6 definitions]
churn to move or stir powerfully. [2/4 definitions]
emotional able to stir emotions. [1/3 definitions]
excite to stir up the feelings of; arouse.
fan1 to stir or move with or as with a fan. [1/3 definitions]
inflame to stir up or intensify. [1/3 definitions]
provoke to stir up; excite. [1/3 definitions]
raise to stir up. [1/8 definitions]
rouse to stir up the feelings of; excite. [1/3 definitions]
spark (informal) to set in motion; stir up. [1/5 definitions]
stoke to add to and stir up the fuel of.
summon to call up; stir up. [1/2 definitions]
waken to make more active; stir. [1/3 definitions]