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angry as if showing anger, as a storm. [1/3 definitions]
cyclone a storm with very strong winds that turn around a center of low pressure in the atmosphere.
driving violent, as a storm. [1/2 definitions]
dust storm a storm of very strong winds that sweep up dust from the land. Dust storms can occur when the land has become very dry from lack of rain.
easterly a storm or wind from the east. [1/3 definitions]
eye the center of a storm. [1/5 definitions]
hail2 round pieces of frozen rain or a storm of this frozen rain. [1/4 definitions]
hurricane a powerful storm with heavy rains and winds that blow in a circle at 73 miles per hour or more. Hurricanes usually form in the West Indian region of the Atlantic Ocean.
northerly a storm or wind from the north. [1/3 definitions]
snow a storm during which such flakes fall; snowstorm. [1/5 definitions]
snowstorm a storm in which a lot of snow falls. Snowstorms have strong winds.
southerly a storm or wind coming from the south. [1/3 definitions]
thundercloud a large, dark storm cloud that makes lightning and thunder. Thunderclouds are charged with electricity.
thunderstorm a storm with thunder, lightning, rain, and wind.
tornado a storm of very strong winds that form a cloud shaped like a funnel. Although it does not last long, a tornado destroys everything in its path.
westerly a storm or wind from the west. [1/3 definitions]
whirlwind a small storm in which a column of air turns rapidly around a central axis as the storm moves forward. Tornadoes are whirlwinds. [2/3 definitions]
windstorm a storm with high winds with little or no rain or other precipitation.