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account a story or report. [1/6 definitions]
allegory a story that is written or told to represent an idea or belief. [1/2 definitions]
antagonist a character who works against the hero of a story. [1/2 definitions]
author the writer of a book, play, story, or other written work.
autobiography the story of a person's life written or told by that person.
ballad a poem or song that tells a story.
biography the written story of the facts and events of a person's life.
character a person in a story, play, or movie. [1/6 definitions]
comedy a play, film, story, or television show that is funny or happy.
comic book a book or magazine that contains a series of cartoons that tell a story. Some comic books tell funny stories, but many comic books are about adventure, love, or other things.
comic strip a series of cartoons in a newspaper that tells a funny story.
cook up (informal) to make up or invent a story; devise.
drama a story written so that it can be acted out for an audience; play. [1/4 definitions]
embroider to add made up details to a story. [1/2 definitions]
epic having to do with a long poem that tells the story of a hero or heroine. [1/3 definitions]
episode one event in a series of events in a person's life or a story.
fable a false story; lie. [1/2 definitions]
fairy tale a story that tells of magical events and creatures in a make-believe world. The stories usually take place in an imaginary past time and often involve characters such as knights and kings and princesses.
fantasy a kind of story that is very imaginative and contains strange characters, places, or events. [1/2 definitions]
fiction writing that tells a story made up in a writer's imagination. Fiction is usually written in prose, not poetry. Novels, short stories, and tales are pieces of fiction. [1/2 definitions]
fictional existing only in a made-up story and not existing in real life.