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barbecue the grill or stove that is used to cook a meal outdoors. [1/4 definitions]
broiler a pan, grill, or part of a stove used to broil food.
burner the part of a furnace or stove that gives off heat or flame.
draft a current of air in a closed space such as a room, chimney, or stove. [2/8 definitions]
fire a particular burning, as in a stove or furnace or other contained area. [1/9 definitions]
grate1 a frame of metal bars that holds the fuel in a furnace, stove, or fireplace. [1/2 definitions]
oven a compartment that can be heated for baking or roasting food. A kitchen stove usually has an oven.
range a cooking stove with burners and an oven. [1/8 definitions]