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baleen the bony, flexible strips in the upper jaws of whales that feed by filtering food from ocean water. These whales use baleen to strain large amounts of small food such as shrimp from the water.
exert to push into effort or action; strain. [1/2 definitions]
rack1 to cause stress or strain to. [1/3 definitions]
rugged causing hardship or strain; harsh. [1/4 definitions]
strainer a sieve or other device used to strain or filter.
streak a trace; tendency; strain. [1/8 definitions]
stress physical pressure or force that causes strain on something. [2/6 definitions]
tax a difficult demand; strain or burden. [1/4 definitions]
tension the act of stretching or state of being stretched; strain. [2 definitions]
weak likely to break or fail under strain or pressure; not sturdy. [1/4 definitions]