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conveyor belt a mechanical moving strap that carries things from one place to another.
halter1 a rope or strap that is set on the head or neck of a horse, ox, or other animal to tie or guide it. [1/2 definitions]
hobble to control by tying a rope or strap around two legs of. [2/5 definitions]
seat belt a strap or belt that holds a person in the seat of a car, airplane, or other vehicle. Seat belts protect people against a sudden stop or crash.
strap to fasten together or in place with a strap or straps. [1/3 definitions]
tab a small loop, strap, or flap, used for pulling, hanging, or opening. [1/2 definitions]
thong a sandal held on the foot by a narrow leather, rubber, or plastic strap that passes between the first and second toes. [1/2 definitions]
whip to strike or beat with quick, repeated strokes with a long, thin strap, or a rod. [2/7 definitions]
wrist watch a watch on a strap or band that is worn around the wrist.