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accent the stress a speaker gives to one syllable in a word. [3/5 definitions]
choke up to become unable to speak because of strong emotion or stress. [1/2 definitions]
do1 used to stress the main verb. [1/10 definitions]
emphasis stress given to a particular word, phrase, or idea. [1/2 definitions]
emphasize to give particular attention to; stress.
rack1 to cause stress or strain to. [1/3 definitions]
schwa a vowel sound that is spoken without any stress, such as the first "a" in "away." [2 definitions]
strain1 to put one's nerves and muscles under the greatest amount of force or stress. [2/13 definitions]
support to help during a time of trouble or stress. [1/9 definitions]
trouble difficulty that causes stress, pain, or the need for extra effort or assistance. [1/8 definitions]
unwind to free from stress; relax. [2/4 definitions]