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badger a furry mammal with short legs and a long body. The American badger has a white stripe on its forehead that runs down its back, and it has long dark marks on its face also. Badgers eat worms, rodents, rabbits, and plants. Different kinds of badgers live in Europe, Asia, and North America. They are related to skunks, otters, and other kinds of weasels. [1/2 definitions]
band2 a stripe or strip that contrasts with its surroundings in color or material. [1/4 definitions]
bar1 a stripe or narrow marking. [1/10 definitions]
stripe1 to mark with a stripe or stripes. [1/2 definitions]
tuxedo a complete suit of evening clothes for men that are worn on very formal occasions. A tuxedo consists of a black jacket with tails at the back, black trousers with a side stripe, and a special white shirt. It is worn with a bow tie.