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acrophobia a very strong fear of high places.
alcoholism a disease caused by the habit of drinking too much alcohol. Alcoholism is characterized by a strong desire to drink alcohol, difficulties in behaving properly, and troubling effects when alcohol use is stopped.
aluminium the British spelling of aluminum, a strong, light, silver metal that does not easily rust.
aluminum a strong, light, silver metal that does not easily rust. Aluminum is a chemical element. (symbol: Al)
Amazon a member of a race of tall, strong, and fierce female warriors who are written about in Greek mythology. [1/2 definitions]
ambition a strong desire to become famous, rich, or to reach a goal. [1/2 definitions]
ambitious having or showing a strong desire to succeed; having ambition. [1/2 definitions]
ammonia the gas with a strong smell that is formed by combining nitrogen and hydrogen. Ammonia is used to make refrigerators cold and in making fertilizers. [1/2 definitions]
anger a strong emotion brought on by a person or thing that causes one great pain or trouble. [1/3 definitions]
animosity strong dislike or behavior that shows strong dislike.
antagonism a state of being enemies, or a strong feeling against someone or something.
anxious having a strong wish; eager. [1/2 definitions]
appetite a strong desire for anything. [1/2 definitions]
ardent having or showing very strong feelings such as passion, loyalty, or desire.
armor a suit made of leather, metal, or other strong material, worn to protect the body during battle. [1/4 definitions]
attached feeling strong affection for and not wanting to part with.
attachment a strong feeling of friendship or loyalty to a person, place, thing, or idea. [1/3 definitions]
awe a very strong feeling of wonder mixed with respect or fear. [1/2 definitions]
balloon a small bag made of rubber or other strong, light material that can be filled with air, or a gas lighter than air, and used as a decoration or toy. [1/3 definitions]
bar1 a length of metal or other strong, solid material often used to hold something back, support something, or hold things together. [1/10 definitions]
beam a long, strong piece of wood or metal used to support floors, ceilings or roofs. [1/5 definitions]