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academic having to do with learning or study. [1/3 definitions]
analysis a careful study of the parts of something in order to understand more about the whole. [2 definitions]
analyze to separate into parts for close study; examine and explain.
anthropology the scientific study of humankind. People who study anthropology learn about the origins and development of human beings and their societies and customs.
archaeology the study of past human life. An archaeologist digs up and then studies objects such as pottery, tools, and buildings.
area a field of study. [1/3 definitions]
art a fine skill that has resulted from natural ability, practice, or study. [1/4 definitions]
astrology the study of the influence that the stars and planets may have on people's lives.
B.A. a college degree earned after four years of study. B.A. is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Arts.
bookworm a person who loves to study and read books. [1/2 definitions]
brontosaur a huge dinosaur that only ate plants. Brontosaurs had heavy bodies and very long necks and tails. They lived over 100 million years ago. Brontosaurs are now called apatosaurs by scientists who study dinosaurs.
B.S.1 a college degree earned in a science, such as biology or chemistry, after four years of study. B.S. is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Science.
burn the midnight oil to stay awake very late for work or study.
civics the study of the rights and duties of citizens in relation to how the government works.
college a school of higher learning that one attends after high school. Most college programs require four years of study.
computer science the science and study of computers, including how they are made and how they work.
cram to study hard at the last minute for an examination. [1/3 definitions]
curriculum the courses offered at a school or in a particular area of study.
degree a title given by a university or college to a student who has completed a program of study. [1/4 definitions]
diploma an official piece of paper stating that a student has earned a degree or finished a course of study. High schools, colleges, and universities give out diplomas.
discipline an area of study or learning. [1/7 definitions]