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abstract existing without physical shape or substance. [1/3 definitions]
acid a chemical substance that dissolves in water, has a sour taste, and turns blue litmus paper red. [1/4 definitions]
additive a substance added to another substance in small amounts to change or improve it.
adhesive a sticky substance or material such as glue. [1/2 definitions]
alloy a substance made by mixing two or more metals or a metal and another substance.
antacid a substance people take to settle an upset stomach. Antacids work by reducing the strength of the acids that cause the upset.
antibiotic substance derived from fungi or other organisms and used to destroy or prevent the growth of bacteria or other disease-causing organisms.
antidote a substance that stops poison from working or cures a disease.
antifreeze a substance that lowers the freezing point of a liquid such as water.
antiseptic a substance or drug that kills germs that cause disease or decay.
arsenic a poisonous substance that is one of the chemical elements. It can be either grayish white, yellow, or black. (symbol: As)
asphalt a sticky black substance like tar. Asphalt is found naturally or obtained when oil is refined. It is used for making roads and roofs and for making things waterproof. [2 definitions]
bar1 a solid mass of a substance often in the shape of an oblong block. [1/9 definitions]
beryllium a hard, light, gray substance that is one of the chemical elements. Beryllium is sometimes combined with other elements to form an alloy. It is also used in building rockets. (symbol: Be)
blacktop a substance such as asphalt, used as pavement. [1/2 definitions]
bleach a substance used to make something white or lighter in color. [1/3 definitions]
caffeine a bitter substance found in coffee, tea, chocolate, and some sodas. Caffeine stimulates the heart and nervous system and can cause a person to stay awake and alert.
cake a hard, shaped mass of some substance. [1/4 definitions]
calcium a soft, silver-white substance that is one of the chemical elements. Calcium is found in many kinds of rocks. It is used by the body for building healthy bones and teeth. (symbol: Ca)
camphor a white substance with a very strong smell that is taken from the camphor tree. A form of camphor can also be made by people. Camphor is used in making some kinds of medicine and plastic.
chalk a substance made from natural chalk that is formed into round sticks that can be used to write or draw with, especially on a blackboard or on pavement. [1/3 definitions]