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avalanche anything that comes suddenly and in large amounts. [1/2 definitions]
balk to stop suddenly and refuse to go on. [1/3 definitions]
blurt to say suddenly and without thought (usually followed by "out").
break to stop or disappear suddenly. [2/19 definitions]
bumpy of a ride or flight, causing passengers and objects to suddenly bounce up and down, or to feel as if they are being bounced. [1/2 definitions]
burst to break, open up, or explode suddenly. [4/7 definitions]
catch to discover and surprise suddenly. [1/13 definitions]
check to cause to stop suddenly. [1/11 definitions]
chime in to interrupt suddenly; add one's opinion.
collapse to stop working or end suddenly; fail. [2/5 definitions]
cramp1 (sometimes plural) a sharp pain in a muscle that suddenly becomes tight. [2/3 definitions]
dart to shoot out or send out suddenly. [1/4 definitions]
encounter to meet or come upon suddenly or by chance. [1/4 definitions]
erupt to break or burst out suddenly. [1/2 definitions]
exclaim to speak suddenly and with strong feeling. [1/2 definitions]
explode to burst out suddenly into laughter, crying, or shouting. [1/3 definitions]
flare to come into being suddenly or become stronger and more intense (often followed by "up"). [1/5 definitions]
flash to come, move, or happen suddenly; pass quickly. [2/7 definitions]
flinch to draw away suddenly in pain or fear.
freeze to suddenly stop moving or become still. [1/6 definitions]
frighten to cause to move away suddenly by causing fear (usually followed by "away" or "off"). [1/2 definitions]