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daily a newspaper that is printed every day or every day except Sunday. [1/3 definitions]
Easter a Christian holiday to celebrate that Jesus Christ returned to life after he died. Easter is held every spring on the Sunday after the first full moon between March 21 and April 25.
Father's Day a holiday in the United States that honors fathers, celebrated every year on the third Sunday in June. People often give gifts to their fathers on this day.
Good Friday a Christian holiday on the Friday before Easter Sunday that marks the death of Jesus Christ.
Monday the second day of the week. Monday comes between Sunday and Tuesday.
Mother's Day a holiday to honor mothers, celebrated in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom on the second Sunday in May every year. People often give gifts or do nice things for their mothers on this day.
Sabbath Sunday, the day of rest and worship for Christians. [1/2 definitions]
Saturday the seventh day of the week. Saturday comes between Friday and Sunday.
Sun. an abbreviation for Sunday.
Sunday the first day of the week. Sunday comes between Saturday and Monday.
weekday any day of the week except Saturday and Sunday.
weekend the part of the week between Friday evening and Sunday evening.