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bleach to make white or lighter in color by using a chemical or sunlight. [1/3 definitions]
chlorophyll the green matter in the leaves and stems of plants that is necessary to produce food for plants from sunlight.
freckle a light brown dot or mark in the skin, often brought out by exposure to sunlight.
fungus one of a large group of living things that appear similar to plants but cannot make their own food using sunlight in the way plants do. Fungi consume plant, animal, and other living matter. Mushrooms, yeasts, and molds are fungi. Fungi help decompose dead plants and animals.
photosynthesis the process by which a green plant uses sunlight to change water and carbon dioxide into food for itself.
plant one of a large group of living things that use sunlight to make their own food. Most plants have leaves, stems, roots and either flowers or cones. Plants use a green pigment called chlorophyll to absorb energy from sunlight. Grasses, trees, vines, vegetables, cactuses, ferns and mosses are plants. [1/5 definitions]
sun the heat and light energy given off by the sun; sunlight. [2/5 definitions]
sunglasses a pair of eyeglasses with dark lenses to protect the eyes from bright sunlight.
suntan a dark coloring of the skin as a result of exposure to strong sunlight or a sun lamp.