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foam thick, white bubbles of sweat on the skin of a horse or other animal, or thick white saliva at the mouth, caused by heavy exercise or disease. [1/6 definitions]
lather foam-like sweat on a horse or other animal during heavy work or exercise. [1/4 definitions]
perspiration the moisture given off in this process; sweat. [1/2 definitions]
perspire to give off moisture through the pores of the skin; sweat.
pore2 a tiny opening in the skin of an animal or outer surface of a plant through which air, water, or sweat may pass.
sweat the liquid given out from sweat glands through the pores of the skin. [1/5 definitions]
sweatshirt a knitted pullover shirt with long sleeves. Sweatshirts are often worn during exercise to soak up sweat.