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altar a raised table or platform used for religious ceremonies.
bench a table for working on, often with space for tools. [1/4 definitions]
billiards a game played with long sticks and hard balls on a special table covered with cloth. Players use a stick to hit the balls against each other and into pockets along the edges of the table.
buffet2 a piece of furniture with a flat top and shelves or drawers to store table linens, dishes, and silverware. [2 definitions]
chart a sheet that gives information in the form of a graph or table. [2/4 definitions]
chlorine a substance that is one of the chemical elements. It combines with sodium to form table salt. It is also used in making bleach. Chlorine is poisonous in its pure gas form. (symbol: Cl)
coffee table a long, low table usually placed in front of a sofa.
counter1 a long, high table. People sit on stools or stand at a counter to eat, prepare food, or do business. [1/2 definitions]
home page the main page of a Web site. A home page often has a table of contents and links to other parts of the Web page.
leaf the part of a table top, door, or the like that can be removed or is hinged. [1/5 definitions]
legend a table that explains the symbols used on a map, chart, or other illustration. [1/3 definitions]
night table a small table or stand kept beside one's bed.
paddle a similar, smaller device with a short handle used to hit the ball in table tennis. [1/4 definitions]
pedigree a list or table of the ancestors of an animal or person.
picnic table a rectangular table designed for outdoor eating, typically made of wood and having benches attached.
Ping-Pong the trademark name for the game of table tennis.
reservation (often plural) an arrangement to have something saved for a particular person, such as a seat on a plane, a hotel room, or a table in a restaurant. [1/3 definitions]
setting all the utensils and other items for a place at table. [1/2 definitions]
silver a shiny white metal that is soft and easy to shape. Silver is one of the chemical elements. It is used in making jewelry, coins, and table utensils. (symbol: Ag) [2/7 definitions]
spread a cloth covering that is put over furniture such as a bed or table. [1/7 definitions]
stand a table or rack for holding a certain thing. [1/16 definitions]