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abstain to choose not to take part in a decision. [1/2 definitions]
astronaut a person trained to take part in space flight.
bystander someone who happens to be present when something takes place but does not take part in it.
compete to take part in a contest or game. [1/2 definitions]
crusade to take part in a crusade. [1/3 definitions]
demonstrate to take part in a public activity to show support for or against a cause. [1/4 definitions]
engage to take part in; involve oneself. [1/4 definitions]
enter to take part in or compete in. [1/7 definitions]
fence to take part in the sport of fencing. [1/3 definitions]
fight to do battle; take part in a struggle. [1/5 definitions]
finalist a person or team chosen to take part in the final game or contest of a series.
game (informal) ready or willing to take part in. [1/5 definitions]
gossip to take part in the telling of gossip. [1/3 definitions]
interest the desire to learn, know, or take part in something. [2/8 definitions]
join to take part in with others (often followed by "in"). [1/5 definitions]
meddle to take part in matters that concern someone else, without being asked; interfere.
participate to take part; share (usually followed by "in").
private allowing only certain people to take part in or to know about. [1/6 definitions]
race1 to take part in a contest of speed. [1/7 definitions]
riot to take part in a public riot. [1/3 definitions]
scuffle to take part in a brief, confused fight. [1/2 definitions]