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ability skill or talent. [1/2 definitions]
able having special skill or talent. [1/2 definitions]
aptitude a natural ability; talent. [1/2 definitions]
artist a person who does something with a great deal of skill or talent. [1/2 definitions]
born since birth; from natural talent rather than practice or education. [1/3 definitions]
craft skill or talent in making things by hand or in the arts. [1/4 definitions]
dower a natural gift or talent. [1/4 definitions]
faculty an ability or talent for doing a particular thing. [1/3 definitions]
flair a natural ability; talent.
flash a sudden show of feelings, talent, or understanding. [1/7 definitions]
gift a special talent, quality, or ability. [1/2 definitions]
gifted having a special talent or ability.
knack a natural talent; ability with ease.
scout a person who looks for new sports or entertainment talent. [1/5 definitions]
superior a person who is better than others in skill, talent, or in some other way. [1/5 definitions]
surpass to be better than in talent or accomplishment. [1/2 definitions]
talent a person or group of people who have or show talent. [1/2 definitions]