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aquarium a tank or other container filled with water in which water animals and plants are kept. [1/2 definitions]
boiler a tank used to heat and store a supply of water.
skin diving swimming in which the swimmer uses flippers, a face mask, and an air tank to swim underwater quickly and easily.
tank a large vehicle used by the military that has armor and heavy guns. A tank moves on two continuous metal belts instead of wheels. [1/3 definitions]
tread that which touches the ground in walking, such as the sole of the foot or shoe, or in rolling, such as the outer surface of a tire or the belt around the wheels of a tank. [1/7 definitions]
turret a low, steel structure that carries mounted guns on a tank, plane, or warship. Turrets can be rotated. [1/2 definitions]
vat a very large barrel, tub, or tank, used for holding liquids.