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bullfight a public show held in an arena in which performers first tease and tire out a bull, and then one person using a cape to draw the bull near tries to kill it with a sword. Bullfighting is popular in Spain and Mexico.
fool to pretend; tease. [1/6 definitions]
kid2 (informal) to joke or tease. [1/2 definitions]
needle (informal) to tease, annoy or make angry. [1/6 definitions]
poke fun at to tease.
rag2 (informal) to tease or scold.
sarcastic using harsh or bitter words that are meant to hurt, tease, or make fun of another person.
taunt to make fun of, tease, or challenge using mean language.
torment to annoy, tease, or cause to feel worry. [1/3 definitions]