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high-tech any technology that requires or involves sophisticated techniques or equipment, such as microelectronics or genetic engineering; high technology. [1/2 definitions]
infrastructure all the basic systems that have been created in a country, especially through technology and engineering, that allow it to function well and develop. Roads are a very important part of a country's infrastructure. Without roads, it is difficult for people to travel and to work and to move products from one place to another.
institute a college teaching a special subject matter, such as art or technology. [1/4 definitions]
laboratory a place for science students to experiment, make observations, and practice scientific techniques, or a place equipped with special technology for various students to use as an aid to learning. [1/3 definitions]
natural without any changes that humans are capable of making, especially through the use of science and technology. [1/7 definitions]
technological of or relating to technology. [1/2 definitions]