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bake to cook using dry heat at a medium oven temperature. Things such as bread, cookies, and pies are baked. [1/3 definitions]
boiling point the temperature at which a liquid starts to boil. [1/2 definitions]
Cal. an abbreviation for large calorie, or large calories; the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water one degree Celsius. [1/2 definitions]
Celsius relating to a temperature scale on which water freezes at zero degrees and boils at one hundred degrees; centigrade. (abbreviated: C)
chill a feeling of cold and shivering caused by lowered temperature. [1/6 definitions]
cold having a body temperature below normal. [2/7 definitions]
cold-blooded having blood whose temperature changes with the temperature of the air or water. Animals such as fishes, snakes, and lizards are cold-blooded. [1/2 definitions]
cool to lower in temperature; make less warm. [1/9 definitions]
degree a unit for measuring temperature. [1/4 definitions]
detector a device that finds or detects something, such as changes in temperature or pressure.
Fahrenheit relating to a temperature scale on which water freezes at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees. (abbreviated: F)
fever a body temperature higher than normal that is usually caused by illness. [1/2 definitions]
foam a lightweight, man-made material with many tiny air holes, used especially for packaging or for keeping things at a preferred temperature. [1/6 definitions]
frost the condition produced when the air temperature falls below the freezing point of water, or the temperature at which this happens. [1/5 definitions]
hot spring a natural spring that has water warmer than body temperature.
hypothermia a condition of very low body temperature.
incubator a warm container that protects and helps babies that are sick or born too early. An incubator allows doctors to control the temperature, amount of oxygen, and other conditions that affect a baby's health. [1/2 definitions]
Kelvin a temperature scale having intervals that correspond to those of the Celsius scale. On the Kelvin scale, zero degrees (zero Kelvins)is equal to -273.15 degrees Celsius. [2/3 definitions]
mercury a heavy, silver-white metal that is one of the chemical elements. Mercury is liquid at room temperature. It is used in thermometers and barometers. (symbol: Hg) [1/3 definitions]
overdo to cook too long or at too high a temperature. [1/3 definitions]
sensor a device that detects and responds to certain changes in the environment. Sensors respond to light, temperature, sound, or pressure and then send information to other instruments.