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ark in the Bible, a chest carried by the ancient Hebrews. The ark contained the two stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written. [1/2 definitions]
commandment in the Jewish or Christian Bible, one of the Ten Commandments or laws given to Moses by God. [1/2 definitions]
crab1 an animal with a wide, flat body covered by a hard shell. Crabs have ten legs, including a pair of claws, eyes on short stalks, and antennae. Most kinds of crabs live in the ocean and eat many kinds of food. Crabs are crustaceans, which are a kind of arthropod. The biggest crabs are larger than any other arthropod. [1/2 definitions]
decade a unit of time equal to ten years.
decagon a figure with ten sides and ten angles.
decathlon an athletic contest made up of ten different track and field events. Each athlete takes part in all ten events, over a period of two days.
decimal based on the number ten. [3 definitions]
dime a coin of the United States and Canada equal to ten cents.
eighty the number that is equal to eight times ten; 80. [1/3 definitions]
fifty the number that is equal to five times ten; 50. [1/3 definitions]
forty the number that is equal to four times ten; 40. [1/3 definitions]
high school a school that begins with grades nine or ten and ends with grade twelve.
hundred the number that is equal to ten times ten; 100. [1/4 definitions]
impala an African antelope with long legs and reddish brown fur. Male impalas have long, curved horns. Impalas can jump up to ten feet in the air, higher than any other kind of antelope.
keg a small barrel holding less than ten gallons.
metric system a system of weights and measures that is based on the number ten.
ninety the number that is equal to nine times ten; 90. [1/2 definitions]
ozone layer an atmospheric layer between ten and twenty miles above the earth that contains a large amount of ozone, which absorbs certain types of harmful radiation from space.
pin any of the ten wooden clubs that are shaped like bottles at which the ball is rolled in bowling. [1/6 definitions]
saber-toothed tiger a large wild cat with very long teeth curving from its upper jaw. Saber-toothed tigers were carnivores that hunted the young of mammoths and other large animals. The last kinds of saber-toothed tigers became extinct over ten thousand years ago. Modern tigers are not related to saber-toothed tigers.
seventy the number that is equal to seven times ten; 70. [1/2 definitions]