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ace a serve in tennis that wins a point because the other player can not reach the ball. [1/5 definitions]
backhand a tennis stroke that involves a forward movement of the arm with the back of the hand outward.
court an enclosed or marked off area for playing certain sports such as basketball or tennis. [1/8 definitions]
paddle a similar, smaller device with a short handle used to hit the ball in table tennis. [1/4 definitions]
Ping-Pong the trademark name for the game of table tennis.
racket2 an object used to hit the ball in tennis and similar sports. It is made of a round or oval frame with a network of tightly laced strings and a long handle.
serve to hit the ball to begin a point in tennis and other games. [2/11 definitions]
server a person who serves the ball in tennis and other games. [1/2 definitions]
set a series of games that is the principal unit of a match in tennis. The player who wins the most sets wins the match. [1/19 definitions]
table tennis a game like outdoor tennis but played on top of a large table. In table tennis, small, wooden paddles and a small, hollow ball are used.
tennis a game that is played on a court by two or four players. In tennis, a small ball is hit back and forth over a low net using rackets.
tennis ball the small, round ball used in the game of tennis.
volley the act of returning the ball before it touches the ground in sports such as tennis. [2/4 definitions]